Breakfast for the House

Last Saturday morning some of the team got together at the Ronald McDonald House to make breakfast for the residents. 


We arrived bright and early around 7:30am and fired up the ovens. For breakfast we cooked bacon, biscuits, Chocolate, blueberry or plan pancakes, and AMAZING omelets a-la-cart or scrambled eggs. 


So within a few minutes of our arrival we had the downstairs smelling good, and people started arriving. It was great to see the families be able to have a moment where they could sit, relax and just talk with each other. We hope that we created a tiny oasis for them while we cooked and served. 

By 10:00am we had fed a good portion of the house and began our clean up. I'd like to think we were as good as boy scouts and girls scouts and left the place better than we found it. 

Thank you to everyone at the house for allowing us to have some fun and help start people's saturday off right!

If you couldn't help this time, don't worry! We will do it again. 


Red ShoeComment