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4710 Waters Avenue
Savannah, Ga
United States of America

We support the children, families, staff, volunteers, and donors of the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Coastal Empire

Making things happen as we go.

October Fun!

Red Shoe

Hello Everyone! We’ve got some news and updates on ways to help the house this month. But first! A last minute call for Volunteers!  (Again there’s a TL;DR at the bottom.)

Family Day

This is super last minute, but if you are available tomorrow the house could still use volunteers for Family day at Gulfstream, October 10th from 8:30am to about 3:30pm. When you volunteer you are "hired" by Jim n Nicks to serve families and friends of Gulfstream. For each volunteer, the RMHC gets a$100 donation. Last year they raised $9000.

If you can help out, call (912) 350-7641 or email

Pumpkin Decorating

The House is planning a Pumpkin Decoration Night for the families, but needs pumpkins. If you would like to donate a pumpkin or money towards purchasing some, please email Meghan Carr or call 912 350 7641.
There will be more details about this particular bit of fun in a few days. Let’s just say your Board is making plans….

Wine and Fries 

Our signature event is getting ever closer, and have we got a deal for you! Red Shoe Society Members can get tickets to Wine and Fries for just $15 until November 1st.

$15! The non-member price is $50! The member price is normally $25! It’s a deal no matter which way you cut it. 

Here's how. Follow this link and use the code redshoe1.
Of course we’ll be checking the names of those who purchase this way with our member list. So if you are not on that list, we’ll refund your money, direct you to the non-member purchasing page and talk to you about joining this awesome society! 

Helping the House

Wish List Wednesday and the Family Meal Program always need participants. Check out the Wish List here: and remember to call Liz at 912-350-7641 to make a meal. 

Don’t forget you can also be a daily volunteers who helps assist families in the Family Rooms. Call (912) 350-7641 or for those opportunities. 

Games and Grub

Speaking of the Family Meal Program we had a fantastic night, with some pretty jazzy prizes at Games and Grub last week. We started with an everyday meal of nuggets, mashed potatoes and green beans. Then we rolled out the bingo ball tumbler and commenced the game.
Donated for prizes were some coveted coupons from McDonalds, golf umbrellas from the Georgia Ports Authority, restaurant gift cards and an infuser tumbler from WTOC, and a movie night gift pack from your Red Shoe Board.
As the families ate we called out the numbers. It turns out those ball cages are harder to work than they look, but we managed.  Strangely, everyone who played won something. Must have been luck in the air.
You can check out some of the pictures from the night on our Facebook and Instagram. Also, a special thanks to Gretchen Pearce for donating the equipment. 


Last minute volunteer ask for Family Day at Gulfstream: If you can help out, call (912) 350-7641 or
Pumpkin Call: The house needs pumpkins deliver or donate, email Meghan or call 912 350 7641.
Wine and Fries discount: $15 for members until Nov. 1st. Use the code redshoe1.
Wish List Wednesday and the Family Meal Program always need participants.
Games and Grub = Good! Check out the pics on Facebook and Twitter 

Letter From the President

Red Shoe


Hello members new and old!
     Your Red Shoe Board members have been working hard behind the scenes, making changes and plans to improve our communication and organization. We’ve heard from many of you that you signed up, but don’t know why nor feel like you are really apart of anything. This letter and the newsletters and social media posts to follow will hopefully correct that.

     This will be a longish letter, there’s a lot to cover. If you just want bullets there’s a summary at the bottom.

State of the Organization

     There have been MANY changes to the board in the past few months, so let’s start at the top and reintroduce us to you.

     Hello, I’m, Alicia, your brand new Board President. I’ve started on the board as the marketing chair and created the website, logo and our social streams. Now, as your president, I hope to facilitate communications and guide the organization to become a major fundraising and awareness arm for the Ronald McDonald House.
     Pierce Cannon, Vice President. Second in command, Pierce in addition to backing up my roll, is responsible for coordinating sponsors.
     Gretchen Pearce, Public RelationsGretchen is new to the board. She has taken on the task of creating and coordinating our larger events like Wine and Fries and the upcoming Games and Grubb.
     Lauren Mullins, Social MediaLauren is also new. She manages the social media accounts and event calendars on the website.
     Mitchell Palles, Volunteer and MembershipMitchell rounds out the new board members. He will be sending out newsletters, welcome letters and reminders of events. He is also in charge of volunteer coordination for Red Shoe events.
     Ryan Gibson, Member at Large. Ryan could possibly be called a new board member, but he’s been with us for a while. He works with Pierce to seek new sponsors and network.
     Maria Danello, Board Emeritus. Maria began on the board as president and guided us through our first two years. She responsible for helping me transition into my new role and support the board by helping with membership and sponosors.
     Meghan Carr, House Liaison. Megan, an original member, now works for the House. That means she keeps us up to date on the needs and events that the House has upcoming and lets us know where we can help.
You may notice in that list we are missing a Secretary and Treasurer. Because we are still a small organization, we are combining the two positions.  All that said, if you’d like to join the Board or know someone who would make a good Secretary/Treasurer email us at

Social Media and Contact Info:

We want to hear from you. Here are all the ways you can reach us:
Facebook: /RedShoeSocietyCE
Twitter: @redshoeofCE
Instagram: @RedShoeSocietyCE

Find us! Follow us! Share us! Help us spread the word about us!

Up Coming Events:

By now you all know about Beer Guys and Cigars. You may not know WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!
Right after Beer Guys and Cigars we have Games and Grub. We don't need as many volunteers for this event, but you should come by to play games, meet the families you are helping, and even tour the house. You’ll even get a chance to meet Willow! Look at that face! Don't you want to meet that face?

Willow is the House's new therapy dog. You should meet her. 
Then the BIG EVENT: Wine and Fries. This year the annual event Wine and Fries will be hosted by us, the Red Shoe Society. We will need volunteers soon, but right now we really need SPONSORS. If you or your company would like to sponsor this fantastic event by donating an auction item or with a monetary donation email us at

How you can help the RMHC

Wish List Wednesday

On this weeks, Wish List Wednesday, the House is asking for donations of disposable plates, bowls and napkins. You can order items directly to the house on amazon here: Follow the house on Facebook and get weekly updates of the needed items.

Family Meal Program 

The house is also looking for groups to make meals in the Family Meal Program. If you can help by cooking or catering a meal, please call Liz at 350-7641. The FAMILY MEAL PROGRAM provides a much-needed support service to the house’s children and families who often don’t have the time, funds, or energy to prepare a healthy, home-cooked meal after a long day at the hospital.
They also just need daily volunteers to help assisting families in the Family Rooms. You can call (912) 350-7641 or email

One Last Thing

We are the Red Shoe Society, because we wear Red shoes. Not just any Red shoes; we wear Red Chuck Tailors and we wear them no matter the formality of the event we are presenting. Of course they seem strange with a suit or little black dress, but that’s part of the plan! When people ask you what possessed you to wear tennis shoes to an event like this, you can tell them all about the Red Shoe Society and how great the Ronald McDonald house is.
Now, I also know, Chucks are expensive, so knock-offs are acceptable. There’s also a new outlet in Pooler that may have them on sale. (I found a pair for $14.00.)

I write all this to say wear your red shoes! Let people know you are apart of some thing great!
Thanks for reading,
Alicia Briscoe
Board President


  • Follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.
  • Expect newsletters monthly.
  • Wine and Fries needs sponsors; email us
  • Searching for a Secretary/ Treasure; email us
  • Beer Guys and Cigars needs Volunteers; Meghan Carr 912-667-0910
  • Games and Grub Night at the House; check the Facebook page
  • Board Member changes: check the website
  • House is looking for volunteers: call (912) 350-7641 or email
  • Wear your red shoes!

Wine and Fries

Red Shoe

Captured Moments

We hope you had a wonderful time at Wine & Fries. It was a night to remember, especially all the new faces! This event neatly wraps up the fundraising events for the year for the House, but that doesn't mean that we should stop giving.

There will always be a need at the House. But lucky for us, they have a wish list that we can fullfill to make that need smaller. Click =>

Thanks again for coming out and supporting the House and all the wonderful things it does. We can't wait to see what happens next year!  See you there...

Breakfast for the House

Red Shoe

Last Saturday morning some of the team got together at the Ronald McDonald House to make breakfast for the residents. 


We arrived bright and early around 7:30am and fired up the ovens. For breakfast we cooked bacon, biscuits, Chocolate, blueberry or plan pancakes, and AMAZING omelets a-la-cart or scrambled eggs. 


So within a few minutes of our arrival we had the downstairs smelling good, and people started arriving. It was great to see the families be able to have a moment where they could sit, relax and just talk with each other. We hope that we created a tiny oasis for them while we cooked and served. 

By 10:00am we had fed a good portion of the house and began our clean up. I'd like to think we were as good as boy scouts and girls scouts and left the place better than we found it. 

Thank you to everyone at the house for allowing us to have some fun and help start people's saturday off right!

If you couldn't help this time, don't worry! We will do it again.